Saturday, 26 June 2010

Yeah.....Rory & Cookie Finish The Jester Challenge!!

Congratulations Rory & Cookie!!
The news we have all been waiting for finally arrived!!

Rory's Spot
GPS location Date/Time:06/26/2010 08:52:51 BST

Congratulations to Igor & The Grand who just beat Rory in! Igor finished 2.5 hours before Rory
.......close finish after all those days at sea!!
I am sure Rory will post an update tomorrow for you all, as I've got a plane to catch!!
And for those who are interested.............there is still the journey home!.....

Big big thank you to everyone for your support & generous donations.

Three cheers for Rory & Cookie.......Hip Hip Hooray. And big well done to all the other Jesters
still fighting their way to Newport.


  1. Fantastic news. Well done Rory and Cookie! Can't wait to hear more about the adventure.

  2. Those who don't sail T21 wont appreciate how small the cabins are and how wet this boat can be in any kind of sea. Rorys achievements in this boat are just amazing. Congratulations.

    T21 "Tiki Sunrise"

  3. Congratulations Rory & Cookie!

    I wish it were a Plymouth to Placencia race.

  4. Is there nothing a Tiki and a good sailor cant handle ?

    Well done to captain Roy and Cookie on an excellent result....


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