Monday, 14 June 2010

14th June 2010 Update

Great chat with Rory this evening. He said an hour after I spoke to him on Saturday, the rain came in…..and he managed to catch 14 litres of water off the mainsail. This is brilliant news, as due to a miscalculation, he had been rationing his water (he hadn’t registered that some of the bottles the kids filled were actually only one litre bottles, not two litre!!)

"The winds started picking up, reaching about 30 knots, so triple reefed the main, set Harry up....and got some sleep. With the triple reefed main, Cookie sails along steady enough for me to rest.

Sunday was a bumpy day with southerly seas peaking in all directions, and waves crashing together constantly. Really uncomfortable aboard, worse day to date, and stressful just physically hanging on. (120 miles on day 21

Steady easterly, force one, this morning (Mon).....nice high pressure coming in. Tacked across and hove-to & decided to get everything up from down below....... towels, clothes, sleeping bag, pillow etc & hoisted them up into the rigging, to dry out! It is great to get the boat back in order, and although initially I felt like I had to keep pushing on, calm seas really are a great respite and an opportunity for me to recoup and recover! I even cooked a loaf of bread today!! Sailed 114 miles today and estimate I have about 1300 miles to Newport.

30 knots of south westerlies right now, and Cookie is jogging along happily, which means I can grab some sleep."

It was great hearing Rory so upbeat and back to his usual self. Last few times we have chatted, he has sounded very weary and tired.

Rory's Spot
GPS location Date/Time:06/14/2010 13:29:11 BST

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