Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Andy Lane & Amadeus

I was very sad to read this morning that unfortunately Andy Lane & Amadeus are no longer competiting in the Jester Challenge. I for sure, and I know Rory feels the same way......would much rather have Amadeus & Andy ahead of Cookie than not in the Challenge at all.
I feel for his lose but I am happy & relieved to hear he has been picked up safely, as I am sure his family are. Here's hoping that Andy makes it to the start line in 2012!

Short report below:

"Andy’s yacht was holed today (15th June) and following activation of the EPIRB and his SPOT, he has been rescued by a Belgian ship, having got to 40N 51W in good time and order.
He will get to Antwerp early next week. Amadeus has been abandoned at sea. Mr. Andrew Lane is currently on the M/V Courage and will remain onboard until they reach Belgium. Mr. Lane will then catch a train back to France. (US coastguards)

15/06/10 22H41
I have just had a call from Falmouth Coastguards to say the Andy has been picked up by MV Courage en route to Antwerp and will arrive on Monday evening – Amadeus dis-masted and hull holed, so likely lost. He has just rung my Dad and is in very good spirits, but paradoxically regretting the loss of the unopened bottle of Drambuie Dad gave him for his 60th on 7th June!
We so appreciate all your efforts and no doubt will see you for 2012!
Fair winds to everyone still sailing!
The Lanes"

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