Monday, 7 June 2010

6th June 2010 Update

Quick update from Rory this evening:

Rough day again yesterday (Saturday) Had problems with lots of jellyfish getting stuck in the nets but on the flip side, big pod of dolphins swimming & playing alongside Cookie, as we bash along.
Also spotted Silver Bear, (36ft Najad), a yacht from Plymouth, and had a quick chat over the VHF with the skipper Ray, and got a weather update.
Calmed down Saturday evening so managed to have a big cook-up, before laying a-hull and catching up on some really good sleep. Unfortunately I suffered another equipment failure........the can opener broke!!

The first dry morning aboard Cookie today since leaving Plymouth. A rare event on such a small boat, but a welcome respite from being damp all the time. Managed to air out and finally dry out .
Sailed past the island of Santa Cruz Da Graciosa this morning, I could see it about 20 miles away in the distance.
Back into crazy seas, which are running through the Azores. Have now tacked away, and heading northwest as I was getting pushed to far south by the currents. Hoping for the high pressure to send some favourable winds :)

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