Friday, 25 June 2010

Friday 25th June 2010 Update

What a frustrating day! I know you are all waiting to hear the news, but Rory & Cookie have been becalmed all day!
Big big thunderstorm last night, Rory disconnected all the electronics and dangled the anchor chain in the water to try and dissipate a charge if they got hit. They had some close calls!
They had sou' westerly winds until early morning & managed to clock 110 miles in their 24 hour run, but then the winds died.
Rory & Cookie have spent the day trying to get passed the Nantucket Shoals, whilst listening to endless "tide rips" under the boat......sounds like waves breaking on the shore...very un-nerving. He has also been shouting & yelling for some wind....but to no avail.
He did have a close encounter today, which quite frankly scared the bejesus out of him.....and he has vowed never to go swimming around Newport, after a 15-16ft shark swam passed Cookie, about 15ft away. Now remember Cookie is only 21ft and is very low to the water. ( I have spent the evening with the theme music from Jaws going around in my head!!)

So now we just have to wait.......start shouting for breeze everyone! Come on are so nearly there! Rory will ring the moment he crosses the line, so I hope to have some news for you by the morning. Fingers crossed.
Here are the updated positions I have received today, most current one is first:

Rory's Spot
GPS location Date/Time:06/25/2010 20:59:42 BST

Rory's Spot
GPS location Date/Time:06/25/2010 17:17:35 BST

Rory's Spot
GPS location Date/Time:06/25/2010 13:14:21 BST

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  1. Well done Rory and Cookie. You both have show the bigger keel boats how the sail the deep blue. I suggested that I could fly out and crew for you on the return voyage. Tha went down like a lead balloon. So you will have to find one. Any congratulations on a really fantastic voyage. Lots of love Dad and Elaine.


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