Tuesday, 8 June 2010

7th & 8th June 2010 - Rory Update

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Date/Time:06/08/2010 13:25:42 BST


Update from Rory this evening:

"Took the sails down for 3 hours yesterday and checked Cookie over. The starboard forward bow is leaking, so pumped this dry. Fixed a hatch hinge and stuck some more foam tape down to seal hatch tighter. Also fixed the net, where it had chafed through. Last night & today I have had to pump the port bow out too. The water is coming in through the forestay stems and hatches. I feel a lot happier having spent some time checking Cookie over. Overall she is a little smasher!!

Lots of dolphins zipping alongside as we sail through the Azores. Unfortunately also lots of Portuguese Man O War too........ bow dipped through a wave this morning and dumped a big
one on the net. Didn't enjoy trying to get it off the boat again!.

Last night was the first steady night sailing I have had since the start. 20-25 knots, no sail changes or adjustments need. Stayed in my drysuit until about 3am and then managed to get into my nice warm sleeping bag (which is a rarity) and stayed there until 7am!! Luxury!

Used up all my fresh fruit and vegetables..............just have potatoes, onion & cabbage left.
Ate two chocolate bars today..........which are only aboard cos my wonderful wife put them there (NB from wife...............who goes sailing across the Atlantic.......to windward....with no chocolate!!!!)
Big thanks to my sister-in-law Rachel, who very kindly gave me some foam pads before I left........they are saving my poor backside, which is getting beaten black & blue!!

Only managed 70 miles yesterday, but today there are some nice northwest winds blowing,
so clocked 110 miles today. And if my weatherman, Mista Paul, has got it right, than I am
heading into a high pressure moving NE ...with northerlies than easterlies........yeehaw!!

Big big thanks to all of you who have sent text messages and/or made a donation to the
Sir Francis Chichester Trust. This means a lot to me, and I really appreciate it.


I didn't quite grasp the other day just what a huge coincidence it was, that Rory should bump into "Silver Bear" off the Azores.............the sat phone kept dropping in and out,but here is a link to SB blog. It's a small world!!! (the population of Lympstone village is about 1700 people!)


And finally,I was sent a link today for some great photos from the Race Start. Check them out!


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  1. Rory - we are staying at Meredith and Frank's house and we are thinking of you and Michelle! We miss you guys and Jason told me to tell you that you are a "bad ass!" Which you are! Be safe, we are following your journey and we hope to see you soon. On either side of the Atlantic. Shelly, Jason and Liam


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