Thursday, 10 June 2010

9th & 10th June - Update from Rory

Well not much to report this evening as Rory
decided to take the day off for good behaviour!!
(guess we have to take his word for it.....)

He is finally out of his drysuit & boots, and beginning to dry out and 'unwrinkle". Down to t-shirt and Musto trousers, and bare feet :)

He is convinced the same dolphins are following him, they race alongside for 10-15 minutes, swim off, only to return several hours later.

Few more jobs done on the boat today. "Harry" (the windvane) has several more screws holding him safely aboard. Dodger sprayhoods needed a few extra stitches to stop water getting in, and some additional stuffing added to the cushions....cos Rory has a sore backside!!! (It's all that sitting around he does!!!)

Celebrations tonight............when we spoke, he was eight miles from the "half way" point! (Yippee guys......well done!) So he will be celebrating with a bottle of beer (which his brother in law, Phil, bought for him in the pub before he left.......which is another cause to celebrate....but that's another story!! :) And the KP nuts are coming out, followed by a sumptuous meal of rice & beans, that he cooked up last night.

They have had two nice days of high pressure, sailing 135 miles yesterday, and 95 miles today.
So I guess we will let him have a day off........but back to work tomorrow!!

(NB: Old photo from circumnavigation days...but figure this is what he would have been doing today!!)

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