Saturday, 19 June 2010

18th June 2010 Position Update

Good Evening Folks, well apologies for being a day late............I took a day off....but don't tell the
Had a brief chat with Rory last night, but very bad connection on the sat phone.
He said that Thursday's evening he kept the main triple-reefed & the storm jib up, and Cookie took some big, big hits that night.......but every time she got hit, she just popped straight back up and kept on bobbing along.

When he woke up Friday morning, they were becalmed!! So big breakfast and than he took the opportunity to check Cookie over, the nets, checked the rigging, pumped out the bows etc, and over all, she is in great shape........which is a big relief because they really have been banging to windward. He said the seas around them were very churned up, lots of seaweed floating around. Also lots of wildlife, pilot whales, dolphins and he even spotted a baby shark.

6pm Friday evening and the winds were back upto 20-25 knots, and the seas a lot clearer, he also reckons he has about a knot of current pushing them along.
The neck seal on his drysuit split today, he tried some dinghy glue he's got on board......but just ended up fuming out the very small area down below, as well as spacing himself out!!
He now has "100 mile" checkpoints marked on his chart, and they have about 900 miles to go!! Yahooooo.

Next up.......the Gulf Stream!

Rory's Spot 
GPS location Date/Time:06/18/2010 13:16:48 BST,-54.14406&ll=38.68984,

Ocean Race Track:

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