Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tuesday 22nd June 2010 Position Update

Wow.........here is Rory's latest position. Go Cookie go!!

Rory's Spot
GPS location Date/Time:06/22/2010 13:38:53 BST


Ocean Race Track


Rory said yesterday was an awful day of "boiling seas". Huge ground swell from the South,
and then just ploughing into big, big waves. Very yucky seas. Then around 3pm BST, wind shifted to N-NW, so put up big sail "Manuel" (Manuel is the monster jib..........what can I say.....Rory has spent an awful lot of time aboard Cookie alone, so I guess "Manuel" & "Harry"
became good friends to Rory over the years as they did alot of the "work" for him!! :)

He has finished reading all the books he had on board, and also has worked his way through all
the food packet labels & tins, so continues to do lots of small jobs around the boat, to keep occupied. He was busy fixing some more holes in the net this morning, with the winds blowing about 20-25knots, when a huge wave dumped all over the boat. Nothing unusually about this, except Rory had he head down............and no longer has a neck seal on his dry suit.........so he got
completely soaked....to the point where there was a large amount of water sloshing around inside the suit!!!! (it's ok....you can laugh...I did!)

This afternoon, flat calm again, sailed into another high pressure, so back to baking bread,
and sieving water through tea towels, due to weird sediment, that has appeared in Rory's

Yesterday they ticked off another 142 miles, and today (early hours) they cleared the
Gulf Stream, and clocked another 114 miles. Not bad for a little boat!

400 miles to go............

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