Thursday, 27 May 2010

Update From Rory - 26th/27th May 2010

"Yesterday (Wed) was a great sailing day! Good winds and lots of hand steering. I have averaged about 135 miles a day over the last 3 days, so Cookie and I are very happy. I have been eating loads of fresh vegetables and fruit, as they don't keep long on board, and I want to make the most of them, before they go mouldy. Then it is back to pasta, rice and some tinned delight!

Already had my first equipment failure.....blew out the first pair of ipod will have to take more care with my second, and only remaining pair ;)

Used the Aquair for charging yesterday. The batteries were fully charged with just two hours towing, which is fantastic news. It is great being back at sea aboard Cookie again, but I have to say it is taking me a little while to adjust to being back aboard in an "older" body....... I don't seem to bend quite as easy as I use to!

Met a container ship last night, who actually stopped to check I was ok.......and not just lost out
at sea! They were interested to hear about the Jester Challenge and the number of boats involved, and also kind enough to give me a weather update.

The winds were calmer this morning (Thur), so I spent the time getting lots of little jobs done.
Nothing major, just finishing up jobs with extra sealant etc to stop water dripping on me
whilst I sleep, and keep everything dry down below. This is one of my most important thing
living aboard such a small boat. There is nothing worse than having to put wet clothes on, before heading up on deck.
I have been getting lots of sleep, about 5-6 hours off and on, which is just fantastic. You never know, when you are single-handing, just how long you may be awake for!! So I am napping whilst I can.
My plan is to sail to about 40 degrees North/40 degrees West before changing course, so for those of you following on the Ocean Race track, you will see Cookie stay on the line she is.
This is weather dependent, so we shall see."

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