Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Biggest Challenge Of Any Race Is.....Getting To The Start!!

Well Rory's has been telling everyone this for the last few month's....... "The Race is the easy part, it's making it to the start line that is the biggest challenge. How true these words are! Rory left Lympstone with his brother-in-law, David and brother Barnes at mid day on Thursday, to sail 55 miles south to the start in Plymouth. What should have been a fairly nice simple sail, took 36 hours...........yep 36..... flat, becalmed, tide chasing, endless.......... rowing hours!! They finally rowed into Queen's Anne Battery at midnight on Friday.....with very sore, tired, aching arms......having rowed the last 8 miles. I have a feeling that Barnes & Dave might pass up the next opportunity to go "sailing" with Rory. Well done boys!

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