Friday, 7 May 2010

The Small Jobs

Hi folks. Its been a good week of tidying up the loose ends and getting some of the small jobs out of the way. Been running around buying the last of the 1st aid supplies. Got a waterproof box to stow the flares in. Fitted the canvas storage pockets inside the cabins. Secured the barometer, thermometer, sextant etc. Mounted the extinguisher and fire blanket in the galley. Today I spent an hour up the mast fitting a VHF antenna to hook up to the new AIS ship alert system. WOW!! Cookie is really gadgeted up now!! The last thing to get is a satphone for the trip and I am trying to decide whether to rent or to buy a used one off ebay?? Nearly all the boat gear is aboard now. The plan is to do the last boat jobs next week and then as the tides are good, it will be a test sail next weekend to make sure everything is working as it should :-) Anyone fancy a sail??

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  1. Hey Rory,

    WOW...only 2 weeks until the race time flies! We'll be following your progress closely and thinking of you every day.

    LOL, Menna and Frank


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