Sunday, 23 May 2010

Cookie's Jester Challenge 2010 Start!

Well, after three years of planning, the day has finally arrived, and what a spectacular day it was!
QAB Marina was a hive of activity this morning as all the competitors said farewells to family and friends. Cookie was spick and span, and the skipper looked relaxed and ready. Everything on his list was checked and ticked off. With final hugs & kisses, it was time to say good-bye, untie the lines, and let Cookie fly! Her new sails where gleaming in the sunshine, as she glided out of the marina, to cheers and hurrays. They were heading for the start line and the 1 o'clock gun, signaling they were off.

Family and friends were lucky enough to grab a ride on the Plymouth Belle, which headed out into Plymouth Sound, towards the western end of the breakwater, to watch Cookie cross the official start line of the Jester 2010 Challenge. The sun was blazing and sea sparkling........and this is in England, most unexpected weather but just fantastic for such a special day!! We managed to spot Cookie on the horizon amidst the hundreds of boats that were out on the water, and headed towards her. This boat trip was unplanned as we had originally decided to wave good-bye from the marina and then watch from Plymouth Hoe. Only as the sun had come out, every man and his boat were out on the water, making it impossible to spot "tiny" Cookie amongst them all. Hats off to Ray the skipper for taking us right along side Rory, and getting a bunch of strangers to cheer him on, as he and Cookie crossed the start line. They are on their way! Big thanks to everyone who has made this dream a possibility. Love you Rory, keep safe & fair winds and following seas.

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