Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sundays' shakedown sail

The sail on Sunday was fab. Mostly grey but a force 3-4 gusting 5 from the SW gave a chance to test Cookie to windward with Harry steering again and m getting them balanced. Harry did what he does so well and the new sails gave a good shape and set - so no worries there. As we sailed across Torbay the wind picked up a little so checked the main with 1 x reef in and good shape too. I tested the Aquair charger and it worked a treat.Easy to stream the prop and rope and my custom lashed-up funnel works great to snuff the prop for me to haul it all back in after. The battery was up to 14.4V after only 1/2hour of charging, sailing at 5.5kts. No large effect from the slight drag and Harry held his course well. All smiles. The AIS radar display certainly worked fine with the alarm going off every few minutes as we sailed through the big ships anchored in Torbay!! The new Musto drysuit is gorgeous. Very warm and very light to wear - not restrictive at all. The biggest test of the day was to see if I could pee with the suit on..............and if I bend over like quasi modo all works great!!!! Brilliant!! The only failure was my 15yr old rubber sailing boots that perished and disintegrated all over the boat. Time for a new pair. I didn't expect any bad surprises but was a great day out and good to see all the new stuff aboard working well.

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  1. This is all quite exciting. Bet you can't wait to get out there.


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