Tuesday, 25 May 2010

24th & 25th May 2010

Spoke to Rory this evening (Tues) and have a post from him about the Challenge so far:

"Race Day was a very emotional day for me. Very happy and excited to be starting the Jester Challenge, but also sad to be saying farewell to family & friends. I was absolutely over the moon to see my family out on a boat at the start line! That hadn't been planned when I left the dock an hour before, so it was a fantastic surprise and a great final send-off.

Once under way, I had some time to reflect on the whole adventure ahead of me, and felt very emotional. It always takes me a day or so to settle back onto Cookie and adjust to being out at sea alone.

I passed Lizard Point with four other Jester boats at around midnight, and shortly after, we were becalmed. This was the perfect opportunity to stow, stow, stow and stow!! I had thrown a lot of last minute stuff aboard but had no time to get organised before leaving. I am pleased to report that Cookie and I are now ship-shape!

I passed Land's End early Monday morning, and was still very tired & hollow with emotion, having only managed about two hours sleep.
When I passed St. Mary's in the Scilly Isles just after mid-day, it brought back a flood of emotions, as St Mary's had been my departure point in 1991, when I set out on my circumnavigation with Cookie.

Mid afternoon, I spotted Roger aboard Ella Trout III, a fellow Jester, flying his spinnaker.
We had a chat, just before a pea soup fog surrounded us. I had forgotten just how thick UK fog can be!! It lifted just before sunset. NB: The AIS is my new best friend! (for the non techie's reading this.....AIS is a radar system that lets Rory know big ships are in the area. If he is sleeping, an alarm sounds to notify that a ship is nearby)
Much more settled night, managed to get five hours sleep! Feel like a new person and beginning to get into the groove of living back aboard Cookie.

Weather has been steady north easterly winds, although currently looking overcast to the South."

That's all folks. Should be talking with Rory again on Thursday.

Rory's Spot
GPS location Date/Time:05/25/2010 12:49:29 BST


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  1. I cannot believe I can track this in almost real time from Australia along with people from Belize et al. Of course with all Michelle's help by posting. I loved Rory's stories from his circumnavigation and now I get to see it live. Living his dream. He is a true inspiration for me. These are the only types of events that are truely AWSOME. Rory is awsome! Go Rory Go!


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