Friday, 23 July 2010

Friday 23rd July Position Update

Rory's Spot
GPS location Date/Time:07/23/2010 14:25:33 BST

Not much news to report. I did speak to Rory, and he said he is bobbing along nicely, enjoying life in the Tropics. What a difference a month makes! Instead of being bundled up in his drysuit, and fighting his way into wet clothes, he is back to Mother Nature,.......naked. Which makes life aboard a lot easier. it is very hard to move around when you are dressed like the Michelin man!!
Dolphins have finally come back, and he also had an amazing encounter with a pilot whale, who decided to swim right between the sterns of Cookie, and sounded like it was talking to Cookie at the same time!!.
As the weather has been so nice, he is reading lots of books and has finally started writing"his" book!! Up to page 55 so far, so watch this space!!

They have just past the half way mark, so will soon be home. We are also running low on satellite phone credit, so I will not be talking to him again until next Wednesday, so no news until then.

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  1. Good to hear he is having a good trip back, will watch his progress to see if we can catch him as he passes the islands, unless he is thinking of stopping for a rest before heading up channel.
    P e t e


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