Saturday, 10 July 2010

Farewell to Newport

After 2 weeks of fabulous rest and a little time away from Cookie, we are all set to depart the Newport Yacht Club at 9am this morning, Sat 10th July. I have 5 gallons more water aboard so shouldn't have to be collecting off the sails this time ........I hope! Cookie has a new mainsheet and I sorted out the jib halyard so it doesn't chafe any more. The bows are better sealed now with a whole lot less bailing out especially as we wont be slicing into the waves as much. I'm looking forward to some good downwind surfing for a change! This trip may well be the last ocean crossing I do in Cookie (where have I heard that before!!!!), so it's a good time to reflect on all the years of adventure that we've shared. I have lots of pens and notepads to jot down details for the book!!

Newport has been a wonderful and friendly host to us, especially the Newport Yacht Club. Norm Bailey & Dianne Stewart and George & Mary-Beth Pike have been so warm and welcoming to us weary Jester sailors and have gone above and beyond to assist us in any way they can. A HUGE thanks to the Newport Yacht Club from Team Cookie!! Michelle joined me for a week and we spent lots of time exploring the town, walking the Cliff Walk and catching up with our good friends Frank & Meredith who kindly let us have a comfortable cabin aboard their 47ft cat. I miss my kids like crazy, so it's time to be winging our way eastwards.

I'm so glad that I got to see 5 other Jester Sailors come in these past 2 weeks. It is a close comraderie we share and it's fascinating to swap stories and details of our struggles to reach Newport. Good luck to the boats out there still climbing uphill to reach their goal! You can do it!

Many, many thanks to all folks who have generously donated to the Francis Chichester Trust. It was a dream of mine to raise a good sum for a charity years ago when I sailed round the world, but it just didn't come together. Now the dream has come true, and with your help some struggling kids will get the chance to receive some amazing motivation through the Outward Bound programme.

I still have the satphone aboard and so on the return voyage will be calling Michelle every 3-4 days to give updates. So stay tuned as the adventure isn't over yet!!!!

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  1. Godspeed. We hope you find fair winds and gentle following seas for your return trip. You are one heck of a sailor and our hats are off to you for your achievements.


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