Monday, 22 February 2010

The Ship sails from Belize

Tues 16th Feb and I drive "Kungo" over to Big Creek one more time to pick up the 'Bill of Laden' paperwork for the shipment of container. As I motored up the channel to the port I was met by the M/V Elsebeth being towed out of port by the tugboat "Miss Gayle". I even got to see the blue container on deck with all our gear inside and bound for Portsmouth UK, ETA 2nd March

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  1. Hi Rory,

    Great blog...thanks for sharing all of your pictures and progress to date. Looks like you have accomplished a lot exciting. Can only imagine how bittersweet your packing trip to Belize must have been. Can't wait to hear about Cookie's arrival in the U.K. Looking forward to more details of your trials and adventures in the coming months. Have fun!!

    Love, Frank and Menna


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