Monday, 22 February 2010

Cookie gets dismantled in Belize

6th Feb and I arrive back in Placencia with the job of getting Cookie apart and the house packed up ready to go into a 40ft container on the 11th. No time to waste, I got straight into it and was very lucky that a cold front kept gray skies for the weekend so the Belize sun didn't fry my UK weakened and pasty skin!!!

Just like 10 years ago in St. Martin, I unbolted and un-lashed Cookie in the water and let the hulls fall over, then used short, temporary beams to lash the hulls back together for transporting across the lagoon to Big Creek Port. It all went well and at the days end, Cookie was floating - squeezed together against the dock ready to have 4 months of grime and weed scrubbed off the next day. Thanks goes to Julian MacGregor for his assistance and company during the weekend.

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