Monday, 19 April 2010

Long overdue April update

Its been head down, bum up getting all the repairs done to Cookie this past month. The beams have been reinforced with glass where needed, then painted. Harry (The wind-vane self steering) got his repairs and fresh coat of paint. Tillers repaired and painted. All deck fittings resealed. Dodgers re-canvassed. And loads of other minute but important details have been taken care of - such as the original New Zealand 10c coin placed back under the mast for good luck!! The mast is sporting new rigging and today I even made up a framework ready for a towing water charger to be added.
Jerry Ritchie and Nigel Longland - friends of mine from Belize sailing days - have come aboard as supporters and have made it possible to purchase the last items of needed safety gear. Huge thanks to Nigel and Jerry.
I laid a Mooring down last week on the mudflats off Lympstone ready to be Cookie's new home. Quite a muddy experience in my wetsuit boots and shorts but not quite the person-swallowing stuff the guys at the sailing Club had me believe!!
If all goes well tomorrow, Cookie will be wheeled down the hill on her trolley to the Lympstone Sailing Club slipway to be assembled at the high tide mark. Can't wait to have her afloat again.
Big thanks goes out to Alan and Jill Dixon who gave me their garage space and workshop to use this past month to keep progress going when the rains came down. Thanks guys!

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